About Blue Ridge Chronic Pain Center

Perhaps you have been to the doctor with symptoms and the examination and lab test came back normal. What happens next?

We offer our patients safe and proven functional medicine and therapeutic options along with conventional medicine treatments to target the source of illness or pain. Having the ability to merge alternative modalities of healing based on the patient’s unique needs or symptoms improves our ability to diagnose and treat ailments. The ultimate goal is to improve a patient’s overall health and create a future of wellness.

Blue Ridge Chronic Pain Center’s innovative approach to whole body wellness starts with evaluating all aspects of a person’s health to determine the root cause of illness. We believe finding the root cause of illness and addressing it directly helps our patients achieve the balance that ultimately leads to long-term health and wellness.

Our Personalized Approach

There are numerous ways to apply the concepts of Functional and Integrative Medicine to an individual patient. Below is a summary of our process.

Health History

Functional and integrative medicine begins with you. The patient-centered focus of the functional medicine model allows the physician to truly get to know you and your health history.


A functional medicine practitioner knows that each person is unique and has their own set of medical data that is needed to make an assessment. Many patients seek functional medicine to help solve questions left unanswered by the conventional medicine approach. Sometimes patients are neither sick from a pathological perspective nor 100% well in terms of how they feel.

Analysis of Results

When you need solutions to the health problems you have been battling for years, Rick Lee, M.D. is the most competent functional and integrative medicine physician in the Lynchburg, VA and surrounding communities. We strive to help patients cure chronic conditions and prevent further health crises. Rick Lee, M.D. promotes optimal health and wellness through education of prevention and early identification of pathological, nutritional and functional disorders.

Individualized Treatment Plan

Can you imagine if someone told you,  “You don’t have to feel bad anymore?” “You don’t have to waste time not being able to live your life because of chronic conditions that may cause pain or fatigue.” How exciting would it be to hear, “it only gets better from here.” You can feel better.


50% of adults have at least one chronic health condition


25% of adults have two or more chronic health conditions


86% of all healthcare costs are related to chronic diseases

Relieving Pain, Restoring Function, Renewing Hope

At Blue Ridge Chronic Pain Center, we partner with you to make the steady transition from illness to wellness.